The Abuse of Women and the Abuse of Power

May 23, 2018 3:14 pm

So you want to say that you’re a ‘complementarian’? Ok…

There’s nothing ‘complementarian’ about a man abusing a woman.

Abuse of another human by a human is a sin.

Abuse of a wife by a husband is this, as well as a degradation and denial of the beauty of Christ’s love for his Bride.

Telling women to submit to abuse by their husbands is a distortion of Scripture.

That people use Jesus’ teaching on divorce – which in context was offered to prevent the abuse of wives by husbands – and turn it into a mechanism by which wives are continually abused by their husbands is a shameful and horrid misappropriation of Jesus’ words. it is an abuse of Scripture.

Christ the Bridegroom loves, cherishes, nourishes, and sacrifices all for his Bride.

Pastors who tell women to keep quiet in the face of sexual assault and intimidation, or to remain in situations where they are physically endangered, are committing treason against the Gospel, not to mention committing a criminal offense and encouraging criminal behavior. They are abusing their power.

Moreover, If the *only* response the Church has to the question of how women may serve in the furtherance of the Gospel is to publish a list of what they’re *not* permitted to do, then you have a Church that is impoverished and diminished, practically denying the Trinitarian image of God in humanity.

Yes, there is mercy for all, mercy that begins with the gift of repentance.

I’m glad that Deborah is awakening.



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