Brown, Black, White, and Red

August 13, 2017 4:46 am

Christian Faith was started among brown people – who were all Jews – by a brown man for the sake of all people; it was then promulgated by more brown people along with some African people. This happened back then to bring freedom now to white people who need to repent of hating brown people while claiming to follow the brown man who started the Christian Faith, the same brown man who said hating people in your heart was the same as murdering them (which turned out to be true). Many of these white people appreciate the African theologians Athanasius and Augustine (whose mother Monica was black and whose father was white), among others, as do I. In other words, the idea that hating brown people, black people, and Jews – or any people! – is consistent with the Faith is simply, well, stupid. It’s also sinful. Which is good news, because tonight if you’re a hater you can repent of it and be forgiven through the red blood of the brown man hanging on a cross raised by white people in the capital city of the brown people.



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