College Football Week One Review

September 2, 2019 9:03 pm

College Football Week One Review

I love this crazy, wild, silly, fantastic game. The joy and heartbreak and unpredictability of college football are just entirely wonderful. Week one did not disappoint. Filled with shocking upsets, last-minute drama, and eye-popping performances, this past Thursday through Monday night came through with compelling and exciting viewing for the rabid college football fan to enjoy… or bemoan.

Prediction Results for Week One

Big Hits: Auburn over Oregon; Boise State over Florida State; Utah over BYU; Memphis over Ole Miss

Missed it bad: OK, who saw Tennessee losing to Georgia State? Not me. That’s a shameful loss for Tenn to a team that has only been playing football since 2010 and went 2-10 last season. Pathetic really. Did not see Nevada beating Purdue on a last-second FG. I thought we’d see Wisconsin struggle against USF… um, No…49-0. So glad Mack Brown and North Carolina beat South Carolina but didn’t think it would happen.

Best Game
Easy: It was ugly for most of the game, but that ending was incredible. Auburn over Oregon. Auburn doing Auburn things. Oregon doing PAC 12 things.

Impressed Me

* Jalen Hurts for Oklahoma. Hey, I’m not saying they can go ahead and engrave his name on the Heisman Trophy but he smashed to smithereens OU records for first time QB performance. OK, he’s unique – not a rookie! – but he’s still beating out Baker Mayfield and Tyler Murray, and others.
* Penn State. 79-0 on Idaho. Yes, saw that.
* Wisconsin. 49-0 on USF. I see you.
* Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia being who they are.

*Joe Burrow, LSU QB: 23 of 27 passes for 278 yards without an interception and FIVE touchdowns in the FIRST HALF! Wow! Whatever happened to Alabama 10 LSU 9 SEC stuff? Gone. Glad!

You Did What?
* Tennessee. Nothing more to say about that. Not a Tennesee fan but my friends that are tell me its one of the worst losses in the team’s history. It was not flukey. GSU smashed them at every turn.
* Iowa State took three overtimes to beat Northern Iowa (who should’ve gone for two and the W after their TD in the second OT). ISU just went way down in the power rankings.
* Florida barely beat Miami, South Carolina lost to UNC, and Missouri lost to Wyoming? So much for the SEC East. After Georgia, no one is home.

Top Ten after Week One

Ohio State
Penn State
Notre Dame

Next In: Utah, Florida, Auburn, Wisconsin, Washington, and A&M

Conference Power Rankings after Week One

1. Big 12. The ONLY undefeated conference in week one. Texas and OU lead the way, with TCU and OK State looking better than expected. ISU looked worse than expected, Baylor as expected, and Tech, Kansas, K-State, and even WVU got wins. 12-0 non-conf.
2. SEC. Bama, Georgia, and LSU with playoff-worthy performances. They’re locked and loaded. I still have Georgia leading the way. Auburn was solid on D, but until the end of the game when it counted most, Nix looked lost. He threw an amazing pass after throwing a lot – a LOT – of very very bad passes all night. He’ll get better. Texas A&M looked good and will challenge Clemson in what should be a super game. Florida? OK, a win but looked UGLY. After that, this conference is awful. Ole Miss lost to Memphis; Ark struggled to beat Portland State (!!!!!); UK fell behind 14-0 before finally beating Toledo; South Carolina… Missouri… Tennessee… all ugly losers. Yikes.
3. Big 10 – Went 12-2 in non-conference. Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Penn State were really impressive. Purdue was supposed to be better… weird loss.
4. Mountain Best. Did you notice???? Boise State beat Florida State. Wyoming beat Missouri; Hawaii beat Arizona; Nevada beat Purdue. Not bad at all. 9-3 in non-conference play
5. ACC – Clemson should probably count for five teams, but this conference is Clemson, with Miami miles behind them, followed by other teams about five light-years behind them. 4-5 in non-conf
6. AAC went 8-3 in on-conf. UCF did UCF things; Memphis beat the SEC and Cincy beat the PAC 12
7. Pac 12 – Ugly. Except for Utah. And hey, maybe Arizona State. Herm Edwards has some good things going on there. 8-4 in non-conf. Sad to see USC QB JT Daniels lost for the season. Washington is highly rated and regarded but after last season, PROVE IT!

Feeling the Heat on the Seat
Will Muschamp
Willie Taggart
Charlie Strong
Clay Helton

Game I Can’t Wait to See This Week –

Easy: Texas vs LSU! Hook ‘Em!

Next: Texas A&M at Clemson



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