Easy Like Sunday Morning

March 4, 2017 12:23 pm

I believe gathering for worship is the single most radical act any Christian can make today. Answering God’s call to rise from mere individualism or the boundaries of family and identify in public with the Church of history, the Church of heaven, and the Church right now; to offer oneself in sacrifice to the One who for love sacrificed all on the Cross; to publicly acknowledge personal and institutional sin, one’s need for forgiveness, instruction, spiritual nourishment and renewal; to confess in public with others the truth of the ancient Faith so vehemently despised – this is truly a most radical step in our anti-God, anti-church, anti-Christ culture of death, shame, and narcissistic self-love embodied in the secularist fundamentalism that demands you stay in bed, chill, keep quiet, and find fulfillment in the pursuit of your personal dreams. There is nothing easy about it. Yet, when the impulse to apologize for the Church rises within me – as it often does – I simply yield to twin truths Augustine set forth so long ago: though the Church is a harlot, she is my Mother; and a sinful Church is a perfect place for me, a sinner.



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