Feast of Ascension

May 30, 2019 12:40 pm

The Risen One has ascended on high and is enthroned in splendor at the Fathers right hand.

One of ours is on the Throne of God. He who eschewed power so that he might serve and suffer has been given all authority in heaven and on earth.

The scepter of his kingdom holds sway in the Church and over all the cosmos. Angels bow and all heaven cries out, “Holy!” before his throne.

His first Royal Act was to pour out the Spirit in his Church and while Pentecost – which we celebrate ten days from now – cannot be repeated, neither has it been repealed. The same power that raised the Son of God from the dead and impelled the Apostles forward dwells in and upon you today.

The One who ascended will come again glory, with the clouds, just as he was seen in his departure. Lift up your heads; live in hope; the King is coming.

On this Feast of Ascension, look up in confidence on the One who intercedes for you; in expectation of the One who freely pours out the Spirit upon you; in comfort on the One whose scepter holds sway over all around you; and in hope for the One who will come again for you “just as you have seen him go”.

“Let God arise and his enemies be scattered… God has ascended on high… Summon your power O God… Awesome is God in his sanctuary – he who gives power to his people” – Ps. 68



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