Happy Home Hunting

April 12, 2015 10:12 pm

Across Williamson County “For Sale” signs are sprouting like dandelions as home sellers hope to cash in on a white hot market, and home buyers hope to find the new and perfect place to pursue their dreams. Can there be anything more fun than shopping for a new home? I’m kidding, of course. It’s a perfectly dreadful experience, right there with trying to sell your house. And electric shock therapy.

House listings are like first dates, good impressions being the main objective which makes Real Estate listings the bricks and mortar version of Match.com. Whether or not a ‘second date’ follows, possibly leading to a permanent relationship, hinges on several factors.

Finding the right place essentially looks like discovering the center of a Venn Diagram consisting of circles marked ‘Price Range’, ‘School District’, ‘Lot and Square Footage size’, ‘Commute time’, ‘Age’, ‘Style’, and ‘Time Available’. Whatever your search engine says, the house you want is that intersection of those lines. Happy Hunting. Enjoy the pictures of the places too, knowing that when you actually drive up to that pristine property it won’t look anything close to the way it was portrayed. Like the pics on those dating sites. There’s added fun for couple and families: unlike a date, the match is for more than one person. Which means you get to fight about it. What could possibly be better!

Shall we discuss applying for a mortgage? I last purchased a home nine years ago. Turns out a few things have changed since then. Yes, interest rates are at historic lows; so is access to available funds. Your keys to the vault involve a pristine credit score (mine is very high), tons of money set aside (not so much), and a willingness to answer more probing questions than the CIA asks of captured spies. “Vee have vays of making you part vith your money” the lenders hiss, as you try to get them to part with theirs.

Exhausted by the whole venture, I can at least happily fall back into the secure rest of words that have comforted millions of people for centuries: “Do not let your heart be troubled. In my Father’s House are many mansions…I go to prepare a place for you…and if I go, I will come again and receive you to myself…” (John 14).

It turns out that while we don’t have here a home that will last forever, we do have an eternal mansion that’s built, bought and paid for, and given to
us as a gift, freely and permanently… tax free, with no HOA dues, and no savings destroying escrow required at signing. No the ‘saving’ was done by another, and in his Name your eternal dwelling is secure. Honestly, I hope I have a ways to go before closing, but when moving day does come I know I’ll be glad that the home I head for wasn’t based on the heights of my credit score but on the depths of his love. And the reality will far exceed the pictures of the place I’ve seen so far. Now that’s a home purchase I can get excited about.



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