Healer of Hearts and Homes

September 8, 2019 12:17 pm

These are the sermon outline notes from September 8, 2019

Scandalous Savior
Healer of Hearts and Homes
Mark 10:1-16/Matthew 19:1-15
Sept 8, 2019

The ‘jagged stones…’ – David Brooks

We’ve all been impacted by divorce. There is no one here who has not been wounded through divorce, unhealthy marriages, and family brokenness.

Pastors sense the need to navigate a minefield when they approach this issue. Why?

Christians and non-Christians alike are impacted by these issues in very painful ways
People here who are going through a divorce
Want a divorce or fear a divorce
Single people who can feel left out by the entire discussion
Divorced people who did not want to be divorced
Widows and Widowers who desperately miss their spouses and the companionship of marriage.
Those with questions about Christian views on marriage, especially on same-sex marriage
People dealing with shame over marriages that failed or marriages that are fraudulently maintaining a pristine image when behind the scenes things are falling apart.
People whose children have divorced, or whose parents have divorced, whose friends have been divorced
People who know not every divorce is bad, that in some cases it was a deliverance, even if its a chapter we wish they’d never have had to endure in their life.
People who think divorce is never allowable and act as though its unforgivable sin
Yet God divorced his wife Israel (Jeremiah 3:1ff)
God also went after her to win her back

One problem: Make the Bible ignore us: people try to take the Bible and lay it on top of the current culture like a piece of clear-film and are surprised that it doesn’t fit neatly and tightly.
* Don’t understand certain things going on in the Jewish and Roman culture 2000 years ago. Read their own culture into it.
– No Court or Lawyers or Judge in Jesus’ day

Second problem: Make people ignore the Bible.
* Arrogantly assume that since our culture is advanced technologically we are advanced morally, that the presence of AC in our lives makes us less problematic humans.
– No-fault divorce

In BOTH situations marriage is seen as something to be treated very lightly and as a convenience

Despite these challenging realities, or rather precisely because of these realities, the Pastors all agreed we HAVE to take up this part of the Gospel and do so with wisdom, love, mercy, and faithfulness.

Your temptation: Tune out, stay away, rush ahead
– This doesn’t apply to me
– This is simply too painful for me
– Just give the rules to me

Let’s both pray that this is a moment of HEALING for the pain we’ve all endured. Jesus is here not to condemn or shame but heal and make whole.

To bring it all together we need Matthew’s Gospel too, as he includes some important parts that Mark’s Gospel – a much shorter and compact telling of the Jesus story – does not.

Context and Content
Mark 10:1-2/Matthew 19:1-2
Jesus’ Ministry: Teaching and Healing
Trap: Where John the Baptist was preaching against sin

I. A Place of Healing for the Broken – Matt 19:2
Family Brokeness
Sexual Brokenness and Confusion
Singleness is Celebrated

II. A Place of Protection for the Vulnerable – Matt 19:3, 16
Women tossed aside
Hillel and Shammai
Jewish women couldn’t divorce their husbands
Marginalized Children

III. A Place of Truth to Power – Mark 10:1-2, 5, 15
Herod and the Pharisees: Can’t downgrade marriage
Before we dig into what Jesus is saying here, we need to have Jesus dig into our hearts and thoughts.

Our Culture
* Marriage is celebrated but is regarded as optional when it comes to a sexual union and a temporary arrangement rather than a covenant commitment
– Idol: Self-autonomy
* Singleness is Isolating and regarded as a problem to be solved rather than a calling to be embraced
– Idol: Sex and Freedom
* Children are a necessary burden to be delayed, prevented, or carried rather than a blessing from God
– Idol: Convenience and Image

What we’re going to discover: EACH of these three states – Marriage, Singleness, and Childhood – EACH OF THEM – are prophetic witnesses of the Kingdom of God.

That’s what makes this sacred ground.

Great Physician – Three Heart Exam Questions

Is Jesus Word Good?
Rooted in the Love and Beauty; Originates in the Heart of God

Is Jesus Word Sovereign?
Rooted in Wisdom and Power; Originates in the Throne of God

Is Jesus Word Trustworthy?
Rooted in Truth and Faithfulness; Originates in the Character of God

Why Jesus is the perfect Physician for our hearts and homes

Good, Sovereign, and Faithful

The Cross!

The Church’s One Foundation
– Died to win her

Washes her with his word
– Lives to beautify us



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