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February 23, 2019 6:30 pm

Here are a few lines from various chapters in my new book ‘Indispensable’, available for pre-order from Amazon and scheduled for publication on March 29th. I hope you find these words helpful, and if so, that you’ll tell others about the book so they can benefit too.

You may have a weak faith that you wish were stronger, but you have a strong Savior who could not be more powerful. If you are his, it is not because your trust never wavers but because his love never fails.

Not everything that Scripture says about Jesus is meant to be easy, even if it is clear. The task of our faith is not to offer easy answers to difficult questions but often, in fact, to point to mysteries beyond our comprehension.

The irony of arguing that, since God is love, sin isn’t all that troublesome and forgiveness not all that costly, is that the love of God is made less important by this very attempt to exalt it. In order to exalt love, we must view sin clearly.

The truth is that our suffering and service make the gospel believable and
beautiful in a world that’s hell-bent on the deranged pursuit of pleasure and power. The pain of the saints has always done more to open doors for the gospel than has any amount of strength and success.

Are you “leading with love”—or with your politics and pet causes that allow you to define the boundaries of who you will care for? If your de-churched, never-churched, LGBTQ, agnostic, atheist, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Mormon, or even Baptist neighbor thinks the thing that most characterizes you is your opinion rather than your love, you’re doing it wrong.

God is the first responder to the human condition, running into the flames of our disaster to rescue us from the fire we started.

You cannot have a Savior who is not also your King. You cannot have a Prophet who is not also your Priest. We have the total Jesus or no Jesus at all. Like Jesus’ beautiful, indivisible garment for which Roman soldiers gambled when they crucified him, Jesus himself is an indivisible Lord.

But the abuse of the Bible should not lead to the disuse of the Bible. God’s Word is not a textbook to be mastered but a revelation from the God who masters our hearts. It is not a light to warm us but a blazing fire to consume us. It is not a hammer to throw at others but an ice pick to shatter our coldness. It is not a daily snack but our necessary food. Without it, we die.

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