Praying for Charlottesville, Our Nation, Our Leaders, and City

August 14, 2017 1:50 pm

Amy Duncan, Chair of our Deaconesses, yesterday led our church in prayer as we brought before the throne of Grace matters heavy on our hearts and the sources of deep anxiety for people here and around the globe. I was deeply moved by her intercession and publish her prayer here so that, if you desire, you might offer it as well, praying with us for God’s mercy to flood into the painful and broken places of our world.


Please join me in prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come to you unified in prayer, help us to be unified as a people, your people, with our identity found in Christ and what He has done for us. You call us your beloved, but we forget that deep love and we struggle to find our acceptance, our belonging and our worth in this world. Oftentimes we do this by seeing others as less valuable than ourselves, by separating ourselves from others who are different than us and even becoming angry with those differences to the point of hate. Hate has taken center stage. Darkness is showing its true face and we feel hopeless in view of all that bombards us in the media every day. But we are not without hope! We have your truth as our stronghold and your word as our weapon against the darkness. Help us realize the power of our prayers and the strong Rock on which we stand. You have defeated the enemy, we can let go of fear. Guide us by your Spirit to speak up for Truth, even as our hearts are broken by the fallen state of this world. Oh Lord, we don’t know even know how to pray with this hurt in our hearts, so we fall on our knees and rely on the groanings of your Holy Spirit before your throne. Jesus help us.

We pray on behalf of the events happening in Charlottesville VA. Lord, have mercy. We pray for the light of your presence to be in the hearts and minds of your people. We pray against the hate, even as we are tempted to hate those who act out in anger, ignorance and violence. Thank you for those brave enough to stand in peaceful, yet strong opposition to the darkness. We pray for the law enforcement and government leaders of that city…that you would keep them safe and give them wisdom as they seek to guide and direct their citizens.

Father, we also pray for the situation with North Korea. We ask for your wisdom for our President and all of our country’s leaders as they attempt to work through the many issues and safety concerns. We pray especially for the people of North Korea, Lord, show yourself to them…we pray for the truth of who you are to be known in that country and that any evil plans and actions will be stopped.

And Father, how providential that we, as a church, are scheduled to pray for New Hope Academy this week. This is a school that was founded in direct opposition to the enemy’s plan for division and hate. This school seeks to educate each and every student, as a child of God, to love those that are different and form relationships that reach across the lines of Race, Income level and Cultural differences. Thank you Lord, that the city of Franklin is being changed as these students step out into the world with a desire to love others and a desire to seek change and racial reconciliation. We pray for Stuart Tutler, the headmaster, as well as all the teachers, staff and Board members, as they begin the new year. Father, bless their efforts and continue to guide them as they move forward into the future plans for New Hope.

And Lord, as school begins this year, we pray for the many schools around our city. We pray for your wisdom and protection, for the students, coaches, staff and teachers.

Jesus, thank you that you will forever be our Savior and our Teacher, that we can learn from your life and example how to love others and seek your Kingdom.

And so we now pray as you taught us, saying:

“Our Father, who art in heaven…”



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