The Revival We Don’t Need

May 5, 2019 8:29 pm

If by “revival” you mean MORE of the kind of Christianity and Church culture we see right now, a culture in Reformed circles that so disconnects profession of truth from the true possession of Christ that a man can offer a cogent confession of the Faith while shooting up a synagogue in a murderous hail of bullets; a culture that fears and loathes identifying its complicity in a racist past and labels those who care for the outcasts as cultural Marxists; a culture that prides itself on theological precision but is not sure how to talk about or embrace the power of the Spirit; a culture where a certain percentage of adherents don’t think they’re serving God unless they are shaming, critiquing, charging, or fighting someone – anyone! – in their church or at least online; an Evangelical culture that thinks walking the corridors of power is to be preferred to washing the feet of the powerless; that thinks Jesus showed up to make life easier and more materialistic and to assist in the fulfillment of the American Dream; a culture where 20,000 will jam an arena to sing or be sung to but good luck getting 20 people to pray (except to write on FB that they’re praying); where the people in power cover up the abuse of children and women to preserve their positions rather than protect the violated; where leaders speak of “us vs. them” rather than “us for their sake”…

Well, we do need revival. We just don’t a revival of THAT.

We need repentance and in a hurry.

And that, thank God, is where authentic revival begins and is a gift God is more than willing to give. Even to me.

We don’t need more of what we have. We need more Jesus and the Apostles and a lot less business as usual.

I’d like to think that’ll come via revival. I pray for it. I fear it’ll come only by desolation, to begin with, that the reckoning is only just now shimmering on the horizon, the light we see a sword glistening as it prepares to fall in judgment.

It’s probably time to just start afresh. There’re some churches that need closing but all need to die – to self and consumerism and success and the gerbil wheel of endless motion that gives the impression of activity, but where true progress is never made.

More later.



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