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April 26, 2017 2:51 pm

Upon Further Review

Wednesday Night and Isaiah

The study of a text as artistic and musical as Isaiah is bound to inspire painters and writers and it was especially delightful to see that on display at our last Wednesday evening gathering of the term. You can watch the video here: https://christcommunity.org/isaiah-study/ (go to Part 18).Mary Grace and Diana offered outstanding examples of the how reflection on the text of Scripture can capture the imagination, inspire the heart, and move us to effectively communicate the message via a different medium. I enjoyed studying Isaiah with both morning and evening communities, and look forward to tackling Romans with everyone next autumn.

Mary Grace and Diana offered outstanding examples of the how reflection on the text of Scripture can capture the imagination, inspire the heart, and move us to effectively communicate the message via a different medium. I enjoyed studying Isaiah with both morning and evening communities, and look forward to tackling Romans with everyone next autumn.

General Assembly and the Women in Church Ministry Study Committee Report

Here it is: http://www.pcaac.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Women-Serving-in-Ministry-of-Church-Ad-Interim-Report-2017.pdf

It’s lengthy but well worth your efforts. It’ll be debated this summer. Great people on that Committee and I respect them all. More to come.

Scott Mulvahill

If you weren’t with us on Easter Sunday and haven’t yet seen the video of Scott Mulvahill’s incredible musical offering, you better hurry over to the church FB page and watch it – and be amazed. I heard Scott first at Tokens, a great show managed by Christie Bragg on the campus of Lipscomb University (get to a show soon!). When I heard his stunning performance I asked Christie to try to get him for Easter and I’m so glad he was able to join us. Special thanks to Brevard and Jane for inviting us along to Tokens. That won’t be my last visit. Here’s the link to a video of the performance. Prepare to be amazed. Scroll down to April 19

Chris Rice

Noting music, I can’t stop listening to Chris Rice. Thankful he wrote and offered his remarkable gifts to so many. Chris, don’t know you, won’t presume to know why you stopped, and don’t want to add to any burdens already borne: just know I’m one guy who wishes you were still writing and singing. If you get a hankering to sit down at a piano and play one Sunday morning, give me a call.

The Fellowship of the Bean

I love the Americanos at High Brow Brew in Westhaven. I like them even better when I providentially bump into new C3 attenders/members like Larry and Vera who moved here from Virginia. What great people.


Ken Leggett and Charles Johnson

This coming Sunday we have a brief post-worship church meeting to vote on Charles and Ken becoming Associate Pastors at CCC. I love both of these guys and couldn’t do the work without them. It’s that simple. Throw in Mike Smith and his gracious, serving work with so many, gifted senior staff like Dr Bruce McCurdy, Cindy Blom, Becky Clark, Don Davis, and Diana Batarseh and you have a formidable leadership team. We also have the greatest Deacons and Deaconesses in the history of Christianity and the Elders ain’t half bad either. I love serving with these people. I hope you’ll give both Ken and Charles strong votes of confidence as they continue to serve here.


I’m not a Hockey guy, my sports plate overflowing already with the Cubs, Packers, Longhorns, Vandy Golf, and Arsenal. But hey, I’m joining the bandwagon. Bought a Preds shirt at Costco last week and will wear it Sunday. Go Preds.

Chris Coghlan and the Best Play of the Year

It’s only April but it’s hard to imagine anyone topping this from last night as Toronto beat the Cardinals. This is the best run scoring play I’ve seen in ages. He sticks the landing. Seriously, even if you’re not a sports fan you want to see this: http://m.mlb.com/news/article/226493268/blue-jays-chris-coghlan-flips-into-home-plate/


David Axelrod is a brilliant host for an across the spectrum of life podcast from the University of Chicago. From Theo Epstein and Joe Maddon to Sean Spicer (no, really) and John McCain, this is one of the most informative and inspiring podcasts you can make part of your regular listening. http://politics.uchicago.edu/pages/axefiles

SEC Football

OK, this stuff is an idol but its one I understand. I’m a Longhorn fan and that’s not changing. BUT I need an SEC team to follow each season for purposes of friends, enemies, and conversation. I’m going with The Color Purple this year. Blame Paul Thomas. Geaux Tigers. Please address all hate mail on this subject to Greg Ward in Austin, Texas.

Things I Think on Wednesday, April 25

  1. I think I need to write a book on the Holy Spirit. Maybe I feel inspired to write that book. I think it’s needed.
  2. I think I need more rest than I realized. I will get some too. With our Wednesday studies wrapped up, I will get away for a few days in mid-May to be quiet. General Assembly is in June – and that is no rest at all – but afterward I’m headed to Montana to hike for a week. At the end of the Summer, I will head to Ireland for a week. This is happening because some friends who love us made it possible. I am grateful beyond words.
  3. I think pastors must get churches everything they need but must never think they have everything the church needs. One of the best things I can do for the church is shut my mouth. We need the wisdom of other voices and the gifts of other servants. This Summer is going to be a FEAST from some of the finest ministers we know. Philippians is on the menu.
  4. I think Franny Cash can sing. Amazingly well.
  5. I think Dale Jameson is a butt-kicking workout partner. Yes, I’m sore. He laughs at me.
  6. I think sermon prep with good coffee is my life’s simplest and purest joy.
  7. I think what our Finance Committee does is inspiring and an incredible relief to me. I wish all Pastors had these guys working with them.
  8. I think people should really stop and appreciate how much Marion Seaton quietly does around C3. The guy’s amazing. I’m writing him in for President in 2020.
  9. I think Gresham Hill is a social media savant and he’s coaching me up.
  10. I think the best books I’ve read so far this year are Upstream, by Mary Oliver (scintillating vocabulary and penetrating insight); The Benedict Option, by Rod Dreher; Strangers in a Strange Land, by Charles Chaput; and Thank You for Being Late, by Thomas Friedman
  11. I think my fave new cookbook is Southern Gentleman’s Cookbook. Get it. You’ll thank me.
  12. Tom Perez is the new head of the Democratic Party. He’s just insisted that all party members have to be NARAL compliant in their views. First, he has no right to declare that, nor can he enforce it, and it’s a position designed to chase off members in the middle. Which is folly. I think we live in an age of crass stupidity when it comes to political leadership. The two-party hegemony is tough to break, but it’s fragmenting and it’ll be interesting to see what emerges in the next several years to challenge or replace it.
  13. I think I look forward to Scotty Smith’s twitter feed more than anything else I know of in social media. I am so grateful to be part of his Gospel Posse. He’s amazing.
  14. I think the NFL Draft must be the biggest, costliest, over-hyped crapshoot in sports. These facts from SI’s Peter King:
    2000 The Niners, in need of a quarterback of the future, pick Gio Carmazzi of Hofstra 65th overall. The Patriots take Tom Brady 199th. 2005: Drafted ahead of Aaron Rodgers—Troy Williamson, Travis Johnson, Erasmus James, Matt Jones, Fabian Washington. 2016: Great example of keeping your draft-day emotions in check: Cowboys are desperate for Paxton Lynch in round one, late, and try to trade for him; fail. Cowboys are desperate for Connor Cook atop the fourth round; fail. Cowboys put on a happy face when picking Dak Prescott 135th.
  15. I will nonetheless be watching the NFL Draft. I do this mostly to see the Jets fans boo and hiss (which is a kinda funny tradition), and watch Bears fans despair. All in a day’s work my friends.

Random Skubalon
a. I have the best dandelion destroyer known to mankind and my lawn looks pretty good.

b. For every two newish songs you play on Sunday you have to give me at least two great, proven hymns.

c. If you’re not doing weekly Eucharist, what ARE you doing?

d. By July I’m going to wish I had a pool in my backyard more than a beautiful lawn
e. The Cubs have started slowly. They’re in first place. So, ya, they’re good.
f. Arsenal will play for the FA Cup Trophy again this year. That’s great. Truly. But it feels like a lost season given their form in the League, which has been uninspiring and sadly lacking in points.

g. I often wish I could cycle to work. But it’s a tad too far and way too dangerous.

h. I’d rather be cooking than just about anything else in the world except teaching. Both involve serving nourishment in a beautiful way, so that’s a tie.

i. Great Danes have the worst odors of any dog ever. And these are LARGE odors.

j. I really enjoyed talking about Eastern Orthodox Theology with Taylor Morris, Don Davis, and Mike Smith at the Casual Pint the other night. Yes, I’m weird like that.


Reading Right Now

SPQR, by Mary Beard

Romans Commentary, by Longenecker

Working the Angles, by Eugene Peterson

It’s Dangerous to Believe, by Mary Eberstadt


Stuff on My Kindle That I Read Daily or Weekly

Rolling Stone


First Things

Fast Company

Washington Post

New York Times

The Atlantic

The Wall Street Journal






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