Clarity and Charity – Sunday Class Talking Points

January 5, 2020 2:08 pm


We Struggle in this Conversation

– Our Own Sins (and shame)

– Our Own Suffering (abuse and temptation)

– The Church’s Failures
Abuse of children and women
Self-Righteousness and Neglect

– The Pace of Cultural Change
Acceleration and Language


Why We Need this Series
1. Declare the Whole Counsel of God
– The Bible is not anti-sex; exactly the opposite!
2. Deal with Falsehoods
– Permissiveness and Culture Warriorism
3. Deal with Confusion and Questions
4. Open Up Avenues of Healing
– These broken places can be healed
5.Open Up Hearts to Gospel-Shaped Living
– Concerns for our hearts and hearts of others
6. Secure Faithful Witness
– Give people language and courage
7. Promote Maturity
– Resist both lovelessness and lawlessness
– Charity and Clarity

Spirit of our Age
1. Radical Individualism

2. New Narrative of Freedom, Sex, & Love

3. Desire and Identity: “I am”

4. The Wrath of Power
– Intimidation
– Culture War vs Culture Care

The Church’s Failures

1. The Negation of Discipleship and the Absence of a Call to Follow Jesus in Costly Fidelity

2. Injurious Indifference to the Sexually Wounded
– Angry Exclusion
– Blaming
– Fearful Separation
*Ebola Medical personnel vs Aids crisis

3. Cultural Conformity
– Angry Culture Warriors: “This is Mine, give it back” vs “Exile Fidelity”
– Intimidated Capitulation

4. False Teaching
– American Self-Helpism
– Sexual Gratification as Essential and Unregulated

False Teaching Expanded
* We are NOT an independent church; we are a Confessional Presbyterian Church.
Our Church takes seriously historical creeds and rulings by Councils
Our Ministers take vows to teach in accordance with our Confessional Standards: WSC, WLC, & WCF

1. Regeneration as Annihilation of Disordered Desire rather than Entrance in Battle with the same
Perfectionism vs. Sanctification
Simil Iustus et Pecator

2. Errant Interpretations of Scripture
Affirm Authority but Deny Legitimate View of the Church, replacing it with the novel, Biblically misguided, and historically dishonest

3. Abandonment of Scripture
Denial of Authority
Menu Approach

Goals of Clarity and Charity

1. Affirm Biblical View of:
Sexuality as Gift and Sign
Truth and Love as Baseline Evidence of Fidelity

2. Renewed Embrace of Discipleship
Believing means both resting in and rising to follow Jesus
Sons and Daughters of Martyrs

3. Fresh Commitment to Truth and Love as a Gospel Community
Sexual Holiness is GOOD and a GIFT
We are ALL Broken and Need to Receive as well as Offer Love in a Community of Hope

4. Offer and Receive Healing
The Gospel is True (The power that saves – makes whole)
The Good Shepherd Loves by Laying Down his Life
The Great Physician Heals by his Presence and Word



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