What Does Advent Mean?

November 29, 2020 2:58 pm

What does Advent mean? It means that death, disease, despair, drug addiction, homelessness, murder, hate, war, orphanhood, poverty, hunger, thirst, tears, & grief have an expiration date. These are not the original intention for the world & won’t see the dawn of the new creation.

What does Advent mean? It means that dimly burning wicks will not be extinguished; it means that faith, assailed by doubt, will survive, that love assaulted by fear will prevail, that the corridors of power will never be where ultimate justice shall arise & will lie in ruins.

What does Advent mean? It means that the grave is a comma, not an exclamation point. It means that our poverty will be met by the overflowing riches of grace. It means that the prisoner will go free, the oppressed will be enthroned, & that the marginalized will be embraced.

What does Advent mean? It means we are saved in hope and this hope does not – and will not – disappoint.



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